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Plan Discounts through MESVision

MESVision is also a Third Party Administrator. Many fully-insured vision plans administered by MESVision offer a discount for vision benefits not covered by the primary vision plan. The same discounts given under the Discount Vision Program can be applied to all non-covered services, materials, and out-of-pocket expenses such as overages. For example: If you have a $75.00 frame allowance through your fully-insured vision plan and you choose a frame retailing for $100.00, you may apply the 20% discount to the difference between the allowance and the actual cost (the overage). In this case, the discount would apply to the $25.00 difference and would result in a savings of $5.00.

Not all MESVision-administered vision plans offer this discount. Members of a fully-insured vision plan administered by MESVision should refer to their Summary of Benefits or Evidence of Coverage for a complete description of benefits including any exclusions and limitations.